Fundamental Topics on Filtration Theory, Pressure Drop and Particle Pressure

Course:  Half Day, 0.4 CEUs
Monday, May 1, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

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Prof. George Chase

Course Overview:
This course relates well-documented correlations for pressure drop and particle capture in filter media to fundamental equations in continuum theory.  The pressure drop over a filter medium is combined with other sources of pressure drop to relate the system performance to the performance of the pump driving the flow in the system. Other factors affecting pressure drop are discussed including wall effects, slip flow, and shape factors.  Most correlations assume low Reynolds number but a correlation is introduced here that accounts for high Reynolds number flows through fibrous media.

Particle capture is affected by the medium structure.  Correlations are discussed for the capture of submicron-sized particles.  The topics discussed serve as a refresher or review for experienced engineers and introduce many fundamental topics to those new to the industry. Students are expected to have some working knowledge of fluid dynamics.  

Who Should Attend:
Filtration application engineers, research engineers, and scientists

Learning Objectives:
The learning objectives include: (1) how to fit a filter to a process and pump, (2) how to select and apply correlations for pressure drop and particle capture, (3) understanding special conditions that affect pressure drop and particle capture.