Wednesday, April 21 Schedule

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**Please note that all times listed are CDT - USA

7:00 am     Expo and Conference Platform Opens
8:00 am     Student Poster Awards
8:15 P2 Josh Ayers, Hollingsworth & Vose Impacts on Filtration Market Growth
9:00-9:20     Break - Visit Expo Hall
9:20-11:00 S1.5 Nikki Sasher and Bobby Singer, Co-moderators Filter Media Testing (COVID19)
9:22-9:48 S1.5.1 Monteserrat Torremorell, University of Minnesota Methods to Assess the Removal and Inactivation of Airborne Coronaviruses using Surrogate Viruses for SARS-CoV-2
9:50-10:11 S1.5.2 Nikki Sasher, AAF Flanders Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), Coronavirus, and Filtration Efficiency
10:13- 10:35 S1.5.3 Tim Johnson, TSI Inc. NEW Filtration Standard for Barrier Face Coverings
10:38- 11:00 S1.5.4 Evan Sparks, Blue Heaven Technologies The Methods of Face Mask Testing
 9:20-11:00  S2.5  Sneha Swaminathan, Moderator Liquid
 9:22-9:51  S2.5.1 Peter Cartwright, Cartwright Consulting Membrane Technologies for Point-of-Use Applications
 9:53-10:15  S2.5.2 Fred Lybrand, Hollingsworth & Vose Faster Media & Membranes Evaluation for Cartridge Makers Through Use of Validation Package
 10:18-10:40  S2.5.3 Stefan Schoepf, Lenzing AG Prevention of Zebra Mussel Intake into Industrial Facilities Addressed by Filtration
 10:42-11:00  S2.5.4 Live Q & A with Presenters and Moderator  
 11:00-12:00       Break - Visit Expo Hall
 12:00-1:40  S1.6  Peter Baechler, Moderator  Simulation Air-Oil-Separation/Liquid
 12:02-12:28  S1.6.1 Peter Baechler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology On the Spatio-temporal Particle Emission Behavior of Pulse-jet Cleaned Surface Filters via Measurement of the Emission Contribution of Individual Filter Bags with Low-cost Particulate Matter Sensors
 12:30-12:52  S1.6.2 Patrick Morsch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology In-Situ Cleaning Process of Chamber Filter Presses with Sensor-controlled and Demand-Oriented Automation
 12:55-1:20  S1.6.3 Tim Johnson, TSI Inc. Automated Respiratory Filter Testing on the Production Line
 1:22-1:40  S1.6.4 Live Q & A  with Presenters and Moderator
 12:00-1:40  S2.6 John Hancock, Moderator  Latest & Greatest
12:02-12:17 S2.6.1 Kristina Petrunina, REAM-RTI Permeable Matrix of Pressed Metal Wire Filter Screen and its Properties
12:19-12:32 S2.6.2

Mehdi Azimian, Math2Market, GmbH

Modeling and Simulation of Filtration at Different Scales
12:34-12:43 S2.6.3 Neil Burns, Croft Filters  EXOStructure Mesh Filter
12:46 - 1:00 S2.6.4 Pat McGrenera, Dorstener Wire Tech  Continuous Liquid/Solids Separation - Sonic Screen Technology by Assonic
1:02-1:15  S2.6.5  Jay Forcucci, Cerex  Antibicrobial Substrates:  The Power of Nylon
1:17 - 1:20
Erika Bevers, PureAir Filtration FiberShield™:  What & How
 1:40     Break - Visit Expo Hall