Tuesday, April 20 Schedule

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**Please note that all times listed are CDT - USA

7:00 am     Expo and Conference Platform Opens
8:00 am     FiltCon 2021 Welcome
8:05   Shagufta Patel and Rahul Bharadwaj 2019 and 2020 Awards Presentation
9:00-9:20     Break - Visit Expo 
9:20-11:00 S1.3 Thad Ptak, Moderator Residential Air Filtration
9:22 - 9:51 S1.3.1 Thad Ptak, Consultant Residential Air Filtration - Laboratory Results vs. Real-Life Effectiveness
9:53-10:16 S1.3.2 Yu Zhang, University of Minnesota Simultaneous Removal of VOCs and PM2.5 by Metal-organic Framework Coated Electret Filter Media under High Humidity
10:18- 10:36 1.3.3 Jie Zhang, University of Minnesota A Novel Measurement Method for Measuring Emissions from Fused Deposition Modeling FDM Printers and Emission  Characterizations of Additive Filaments
10:38-11:00 1.3.4 Ashley Scott, NanoMeld High E1 Filter Media Using Nanofibers
 9:20-11:00  S2.3 Stuti Rajgarhia, Moderator  Separation Techniques and their Filtration Performance
 9:22-9:48  S2.3.1 Akshata Kulkarni, University of Akron Additive Manufacturing Assisted Aerogel Media for Separation of Walter in ULSD Emulsions
 9:50-10:03  S2.3.2 Mohammad Assaleh, University of Akron  Effect of Mesh Pore Size on the Electrowet Coalescer Performance
 10:05-10:28  S2.3.3 Barry Perlmutter, Perlmutter Idea Development, LLC Real-World Examples of Influences of Particles and Cake Formation on Solid-Liquid Separation Technology Operation
 10:30-11:00  S2.3.4   Live Q & A with Presenters and Moderator  
 11:00-12:00       Break - Visit Expo Hall
12:00-1:40 S1.4 Martin Lehmann, Moderator Simulation
12:02-12:25 S1.4.1 Emrah Demirci, Loughborough University 3D Orientation Distribution Function of Nonwoven Materials
  S1.4.2 Vaness Puderbach, Technique University Kaiserslautern Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Flow-induced Deformations of Filter Media
  S1.4.3 Kai Hoess, University of Stuttgart Simulating the Microstructure of Nonwovens to Predict their Elasti-Plastic Behavior in 3D
  S1.4.4 Eunkyoung Shim, North Carolina State University Analysis of Nonwoven Filter Media Structure during the Particle Loading Process and Their Effects on Dust Loading Behavior
 12:00-1:40  S2.4  Jonathan Sheumaker  Liquid Testing - Particle Counting for Dust Concentrations and Methods for Cleanliness Inspection and Pore Size Determination
 12:00-12:25  S2.4.1 Caleb Wilson, Cummins Using Particle Counting to Measure Test Dust Concentrations Suspended in Fluid
 12:27-12:47  S2.4.2 DeLonna Lyles, Cummins Technical Cleanliness Inspection for Automotive Filtration Industry
 12:49-1:12  S2.4.3 Dana Dutczak, Porometer Determination of the First Bubble Point by Capillary Flow Porometry
 1:14-1:40  S2.4.4 Neil Burns, Croft Filters Determining Pore Size in Metal Additive Manufactured Filters
1:40     Student Poster Competition/Networking/Visit Expo Hall