Student Posters

Thank you to the students for taking the opportunity to present their work at AFS FiltCon 2021!  Please click on the titles below to view the abstracts.

Congratulations to the award winners!

  • 1st Place - Rana Bachnak, University of Minnesota
  • 2nd Place - Cristina Butu, Cornell University
  • 3rd Place - Sreevalli Bokka, The University of Akron
 PP1  Peng Wang Virginia Commonwealth University Performance of Composite Filters Assembled from Multiple Layers of Basic Filtration Media
 PP2  Vanessa Löschner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Origin of Spatio-temporal Particle Emissions of Surface Filters due to Clogging and Release of Particles from Previously Clogged Seams of Individual Filter Bags due to Jet-pulse Cleaning
PP3 Nicholas Roth Tennessee Technical University Correlating Particle Counting Data to Concentration of Test Dust in Lube Oil
 PP4  Mohammad Jamali NC State University Macroscale Simulation of N95 Mask Filtration and its Aging
PP5 Jake Holweger Virginia Commonwealth University Detachment of Compound Droplets from Fibers and Associated FEA Modelling of Four-Phase Coalescence
PP6 Harshal Gade University of Akron Impact of Storage Methods on Charge Decay of PVDF Fibers
PP7 Sreevali Bokka University of Akron Charged Aligned Fiber Yarns
PP8 Cristina Butu Cornell University Numerical Simulations for Designing Sieve-free Cross-flow Filtration Systems
 PP9 Rana Bachnak University of Minnesota Interfacial Tensions and Film Drainage Tmes with Surfactant Stabilized Water in Oil Emulsions: towards Improved Liquid-liquid Separation
PP10 AbdulAziz AlGhamdi University of Akron Fiber Thickness-Aerosols Concentration - Nonwoven Fiber Media