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**Please note that all times listed are CDT - USA

7:00 am     Expo and Conference Platform Opens
8:00 am     FiltCon 2021 Welcome
8:15 P1 Brian Lane, Consultant How Global Mega Trends, Particularly the 'Race to Zero Emissions and COVID, are Impacting the Filtration Industry
9:00-9:20     Break - Visit Expo
9:20-11:00 S1.1 Jay Forcucci, Moderator Recent Developments of Facemask Media
9:22-9:35 S1.1.1 Alfiya Ansar, Cummins Melt-Blown Media Manufacturing to Support the Global Shortage of Mask Media used in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
9:37-10:01 S1.1.2 Janelle Bentz, Nelson Labs An Outline of Current Medical Face Mask Performance Requirements and Testing
10:03- 10:26 S1.1.3 Vânia Pais, University of Minho, Portugal Study of Nanoscale Structures for Application in the Filtering Layer Coupled with Micro-scale Materials for FFP2 Masks
10:28- 10:53 S1.1.4 Maximillian Kerner, Technische University, Kaiserslautern Electret Filter Media - from the Experimental Investigation of Discharging Methods to Numerical Optimization Potential
 9:20-11:00  S2.1  Susie Reynolds, Moderator  Filter Media
 9:22-9:40  S2.1.1  Paul Hulme, John Crane Computational Fluid Dynamics in the filtration of Non-Newtonian Fluids
 9:42-10:03  S2.1.2 Daniel Wilhelm, Porous Metal Filters  Metallic Filtration Media and Materials
 10:05-10:26  S2.1.3  Frederich Edelmeier, Haver & Boecker High-Performance Metal Filter Cloth - New Developments in Woven Wire Filtration Media
 10:28-10:45  S2.1.4 Mark Willingham, Bekaert 

Comparison of Bekipor® Filter Media to Woven Wire Mesh

 11:00-12:00       Break - Visit Expo Hall
 12:00-1:40  S1.2  Jeremie De Baerdemaeker  Simulation Air-Oil-Separation/Liquid
 12:02-12:31  S1.2.1  Hooman Tafreshi, North Carolina State University  Fluid Mechanics of Droplet Fiber Adhesion
 12:33-12:50  S1.2.2  Omar Elsayed, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) Numerical Simulations of the Removal of Water from Diesel Fuel using Hydrophobic Separator Meshes
 2:53-1:18  S1.2.3  Arun Janakiraman, Cummins Numerical and Deep Learning Models to Predict Performance of Pleated Fibrous Filters
 1:20-1:40  S1.2.4 Live Q & A  with Presenters and Moderator
 12:00-1:40  S2.2 Wenping Li, Moderator  Student Poster Session (Oral Technical)
12:02-12:12 S2.2.1 Mohammad Jamali, North Carolina State University Macroscale Simulation of N95 Mask Filtration and its Ageing
12:14-12:33 S2.2.2 Harshal Gade, University of Akron Impact of Storage Methods on Charge Decay of PVDF Fibers
12:35-12:47 S2.2.3 Sreevalli Bokka, University of Akron Charged Aligned Fiber Yarns
12:49-1:00 S2.2.4 Cristina Butu, Cornell University Numerical Simulations for Designing Sieve-free Cross-flow Filtration Systems
1:03-1:18 S2.2.5 AbdulAziz AlGhamdi, University of Akron Filter Thickness- Aerosols Concentration- Nonwoven Fiber Media
1:20-1:35  S2.2.6 Jake Holweger, Virginia Commonwealth University Detachment of Compound Droplets from Fibers and Associated FEA Modelling of Four-Phase Coalescence
 1:40     Break - Visit Expo Hall