Filter Media Technologies

Course: Half Day, 0.4 CEUs

  • Christine Sun, Filtration Technologies International

Course Description
Filter media technology is the core and competitive edge of modern filtration technologies. From nonwovens, membranes, ceramics, metallics, adsorbents, wovens, to nanofibers and other porous materials, this course aims to provide you an overall understanding of the filter media market and products used in various areas of air and liquid filtration. Emerging technologies, challenges and trends for future development will also be discussed.

Course Outline 

  1. Introduction to the filtration market
  2. Key market segments in air/liquid filtration
  3. Common filter media types
  4. Market statistics and opportunities
  5. Filter media technologies for air filtration
  6. Filter media technologies for liquid filtration
  7. Characteristics and requirements of filter media
  8. Things to consider for filter media selection
  9. New developments in air/liquid filter media
  10. Unmet needs and trends for future development